Each academic year the AHI holds as the pièce de résistance of its programming a major colloquium devoted to an annual theme. In years past, the AHI has sponsored colloquia devoted to such themes as the meaning of freedom, property rights, limited government, the relationship between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and Samuel Huntington’s clash-of-civilizations thesis.

2018: Hamilton v. Jefferson: On History, Freedom, and Republican Government >>

2017: Western Civilization, Diversity and the Liberal Arts in the 21st Century >>

2016: Tolerance, the Constitution, and the Limits of an Open Society >>

2015: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and the Rule of Law: How to Return America to Prosperity >>

2014: War and the West:  Strategic Issues Past, Present, and Future >>

2013: Samuel Huntington and the Clash of Civilizations >>

2012: Binding the Minotaur: The Problem of Limited Government >>

2011: Law, Technology, and American Constitutional Government: Curing the Mischeifs of Faction in the 21st Century >>

2010: Dedicated to a Proposition: Examining the Relationship Between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution >>

2009: Property Rights >>

2008: The Meaning of Freedom >>